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Our school

Dance is Art.


A concept that is taken for granted, or rather often taken for granted, where Art becomes obscured and becomes only art, crushed by interests that have little or nothing of an Artistic nature. Dance is Art.


É Art, sure, but it's also commitment, dedication and a sense of sacrifice, of what makes your muscles burn and your lungs inflame. Dance is Art, but it is also joy, fun and a sense of belonging, of what makes you feel at home.


In the heart of Milan there is a place made up of joy and commitment, fun and dedication, a sense of belonging and sacrifice. It's Maria Luisa Panzetti's Dance Center! The Centro Danza is a milestone among the Milanese dance schools, which for more than thirty years has been teaching everyone, adults and children, to engage joyfully, have fun with commitment and sacrifice themselves for the sense of belonging, in the name of a concept simple, but misunderstood: that Dance is art.


The true heart of the Dance Center are its many children, to whom Maria Luisa Panzetti and her assistants offer the opportunity to take their first steps into the magical world of dance, learning through play, and by playing learning the technical bases of dance, together to the indispensable elements of body coordination, perception of spaces and of one's own physical and emotional reality, all essential elements for the healthy development of the little ones.

For older students, Maria Luisa Panzetti and the entire Dance Center offer a profound and fulfilling artistic experience, which takes into consideration the physical and technical preparation and which offers the possibility of forgetting for a few hours la realtà surrounding, immersed in the fullness of Art.


Since 1982, under the direction and guidance of Maria Luisa, the Dance Center in via Rubens 19 has set itself the goal of disseminating dance in all its forms, from Classical to Jazz, from Latin American to Ballroom dancing, always with the goal of keeping faith with the Art.


Whether you are young or old, whether you want to improve yourself o simply have fun, while getting closer to the oldest of the Arts, Marialuisa Panzetti's Dance Center awaits you!


The school has trained and prepared numerous students for auditions and competitions. Many of them today work in important ballet companies and some of the smaller ones have successfully passed the entrance exam in the most prestigious Teatro di Milano: il Teatro alla Scala.

Two names for all: Mariangela Cafagna (Vienna Opera and "Amici") and little Riccardo Franchi who made his debut on 31 November 2013 in Giuseppe Verdi's Aida.

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