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She began studying dance at the age of three at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan and then moved on to La Scala. Yes it is specialized at the Paris Opera, the Royal Ballet of London, the theater of Moscow and that of Leningrad. Studied Character Dance with the very famous Irina Grijebina - Russian dance teacher at the Paris Opera and Sasha Priskov; Jazz American and Musical with American dancers Ray Collins and Molly Molloy - choreographer of numerous musicals includingChessof music videos for the Rolling Stones; Classical and Repertoire with Raymond Franchetti, Gilbert Mayer - teacher e director of the Paris Opera; studied and danced with Barbaste - funky jazz dance teacher and choreographer in the most important centers of London, Lucien Duthoit, Dombrovskj.


He specializes in teaching, completing his preparation with psycho-pedagogical address and anatomy, at the Catholic University of Milan. This knowledge allows her to better set up the physical and psychological growth and development of the students, dai children to adults who approach the world of dance, guaranteeing seriousness and competence in an area that too often it is improvised by unqualified teachers.


Maria Luisa began teaching dance at an early age, as an assistant to Scala teachers and at the same time worked on theater tours, una among many with Amy Stewart. He specializes in classical and jazz choreography. Collaborates with RAI and CANALE 5, with Maurizio Seymandi, Radio 105, Bologna Motorshow. She is sole responsible for the ballets in Mike Bongiorno's theater tours e perDesperately looking for Madonna, Superclassifica Show on tour, Maurizio Costanzo on tour and for the selections of Miss Italy.

Maria Luisa Panzetti

La grande avventura comincia da qui

La grande avventura comincia da qui

Luisa al Teatro "Alla Scala"

Luisa al Teatro "Alla Scala"

Maria Luisa is was the only Italian choreography chosen by Leroy Johnson, the principal dancer of the very famous film FAME and of the related series known all over the world.

He has collaborated in the creation of various musical and television themes and has curated choreographies for singers such as Fiordaliso and Stefano Siani during their participation in San Remo. He also curated the choreography of Susanna Message. On all these occasions, and other similar ones, he chose some novice students to allow them to gain experience. Furthermore Maria Luisa hdanced at the International Festival of Nervi from where he began his career abroad.


Maria Luisa Panzetti opened in 1982, as sole manager, artistic director and choreographer, the CENTRO DANZA of MLPanzetti in Via Rubens, 19 in Milan, a place which with its large bright rooms is ideal for this discipline. In the same year he founded the professional dance company "JAZZ BALLET" and began a long collaboration with the NATIONAL THEATER. The Centro Danza is thus the only school present every year, since 1982, in this prestigious Theatre.

Plaques, testimonials and certificates that describe Maria Luisa's artistic career and recall the numerous collaborations with organizations and institutes are conserved in the Centro Danza. For example, the plaque awarded by the Region as the best dance school in Lombardy is displayed. Luisa also promotes charity shows for AIDO, ASM, Cancer Institute, Research and Dialysis.


She then opens other dance schools outside Milan, schools that today are used by those who have followed a path opened by her, improperly using her already known and appreciated name. Currently the Centro Danza organizes events, collaborating with the Old Fashion of Milan, the Torre dei Gelsi, the "4 Model" Fashion Agency, the Municipality of Milan; he performs his shows in the most prestigious theaters in Milan including the Teatro Smeraldo and the Teatro Nuovo in San Babila and offers unforgettable choreographies, such as those created for the Castello Sforzesco.

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